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Pawsh Styling Spaw & Boutique was established in 2006.

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Emily and Friends!


Whether your dog is in need of a quick wash or requires
something to take away their aches and pains, Pawsh
Styling has the answer.  Equipped with the latest Hydro
massage and using the best products sourced from all
over the world, Pawsh Styling is a luxury treat for your
four-legged friend.  We have been catering to the
pampered four legged children of the Austin area elite
since the summer of 2006.

Welcome to Pawsh Styling!

What's in a day at Pawsh Styling Spaw? 

Coat Inspection:

  1. We inspect your pets coat to make sure they can actually be groomed to look the way you envision them.  Sometimes their fur is too dense or too fine for a standard style.  If this is the case we will recommend a style that will make your pet look its best.  If your pets coat is in poor condition it may need extensive de-matting or clipping much shorter than you had envisioned.
  2. This initial interaction with your pet gives us a general idea of their temperament.  We can then adjust the grooming procedure accordingly to make the grooming experience as safe and pleasant as possible for both the stylist and the pet.  At this time it is imperative you, the owner, share your dogs medical and behavioral history with us.  Grooming a sick, elderly or injured pet without prior knowledge of its condition can worsen the condition or in severe cases cause death.  A dog that has been known to snap, hates the bath, blow dryer, feet touched, is excessively jumpy or hyper, etc. could place your pet and/or groomer in a dangerous situation. 
  3. Safe steps can be initiated ahead of time to protect your pet and the groomer from injury if medical or behavioral conditions are disclosed prior to the groom.

Toenail Clipping:
Overgrown nails can cause pain and do damage to the pads, feet, hips and joints of your pet.  The quick (a blood vessel in the nail) grows with the nail.  When nails go untrimmed the quick gets longer and longer making it impossible to cut the nails to the correct length without injuring the quick.  Nails must be trimmed often and on a regular basis to make quicks recede.  Occasionally, the length of the quick can be misjudged or the pet may wiggle at the wrong moment and a toenail can be cut too short.  If this is the case you will be notified and given some styptic powder and instructions in the rare instance that the nail begins to bleed again at home.

Removing fur from between the pads of feet:
We scoop the majority of fur from between your dogs pads (if necessary) and trim any remaining fur level with the pads to prevent irritation from matting, moisture and foreign objects imbedded in the fur.

Sanitary Shave/Trim:
The fur around your dogs genital area is shaved and the area around the dogs anus is trimmed to prevent urine burns and feces build up.

Ear Cleaning:
We remove the fur (if necessary) and clean the ear canal with a ph-balanced ear cleaner.  If your pets ears are red, swollen, have excessive discharge or are unusually smelly we reserve the right to forgo the cleaning.  You will be notified of the irritation and veterinary treatment will be suggested.

Expressing Anal Glands:
Anal sacs are the reservoirs for the secretions of anal glands which are located on either side of a dogs anus.  The contents of these sacs are usually emptied during normal bowel movements, or when a dog is nervous or scared.  In most dogs, these sacs empty easily. However, some dogs, especially small breed dogs, are not able to empty the sacs properly and these sacs can become impacted and may abscess.  We check every dogs anal sacs during bath time and manually express the sacs if needed.  If we notice that your dogs anal glands are impacted or too full to manually express, we will notify you immediately so your dog can get vet attention.

We use biodegradable products ph-balanced especially for your pet.  We choose shampoos and conditioners that will maximize the health and well-being of your animals skin and coat.  If we feel your pet would benefit from a specialized or medicated shampoo we will use this and since this is more involved and costly to us there may be a small additional fee.

Finishing Touches:
We will put bows/bandanas on all finished pets unless you request otherwise.  Bows are attached to the pets fur by tiny latex bands.  If they fall out and you want to reattach them please DO NOT put them around any body parts as this can cause major injury to your pet.  Reattach the bows to their FUR ONLY.

What is clipper burn and why does it occur?
Like the well-known razor burn we humans experience on occasion, clipper burn is not a burn at all, but an irritation caused by closely shaving an area that is sensitive.  If irritation occurs you will be notified.  A lot of times the irritation does not become apparent until hours after the groom.  If this is the case it is very important that you let your groomer know so measures can be taken to prevent future irritation.

Groomers Thoughts:
We all enjoy working with healthy, happy, well-adjusted pets.  Pawsh Styling believes there is absolutely no reason for any pet to hate their grooming sessions. Although on some occasions there may be certain reasons why your pet may have difficulties with the grooming process.  For example, some dogs may not have had a lot of interaction with a groomer, if any at all, or even a bad experience with a previous groomer.   Your dog may have some matts in their fur that can pull on their skin and be uncomfortable during the groom. Your dog may also have an underlying medical issue that's causing them undo stress which can interfere with not only their grooming but also interacting with people in general.  Please don't hesitate to ask us if you have any concerns regarding your dogs health, safety or peace of mind.

In the case that we have a pet that is difficult to groom for any reason, we will suggest the easiest clip (usually short).  There will likely be an extra charge because of the extra time that is usually required for difficult grooms.  A little time and patience, and regular, positive grooming sessions will allow the pet to eventually mellow and calm down about grooming.

As with childrens first haircuts at salons, Pawsh Styling is more concerned about a puppys first groom being a happy experience than a perfect cut.  So the first groom time is spent doing a lot of play and getting to know the pup. Lastly, but most important: we came into this profession for our love of animals; therefore, we make them our number one priority.  The grooming schedule for each individual dog is approximate.  This is a very unpredictable business, so please be patient about this.  We do not keep them here any longer than we have to, and if we feel rushed, our work may be compromised.



Emily and the GirlsMeet the Stylist:

Emily Gossman is the owner and grooming stylist at Pawsh Styling Spaw & Boutique.  Emily has been working with dogs for over 15 years and has been an animal lover since birth.  Emily graduated from an accomplished dog grooming school in Brooklyn Center, MN and has been in the grooming industry for over 8 years.  After many years working for another company with dogs Emily decided to open her own grooming salon in the summer of 2006.  Pictured with her are her "girls" Blue, Sam & Maggie.

Pawsh Styling supports animal rescue.
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